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Is Our Food Safe?
             The United States has the safest "locally grown fresh food" in the world. If you can buy fresh food from a local farmer the day it is harvested, you can be assured that your food is safe. You can take it home, wash it, and prepare it while it is fresh. If stored properly, you can keep it in the refrigerator for a week to ten days, depending on the fruit or vegetable, and then prepare it. But most of the fresh fruits and vegetables on our grocery store shelves are from ten days to two weeks old before they are put out for you to buy.
             Most Americans believe that the food they buy is safe. If our food is safe, then why do 25 percent of Americans suffer from food borne illnesses every year, and 5,000 die? For children, whose immune systems are not as fully developed as adults, the statistics are even worse. Three million children die each year from contaminated food and water. Why? Because vast quantities of our food supply is imported from third world countries. Over 40 percent of our fresh food needs are imported from Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada, and other countries.
             On January 4, 2011, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law, putting in motion the biggest overhaul of the nation's food safety regulations in over seven decades. If you think the Food Safety Bill is a good thing and will make our food safe, go here for the truth about this bill that will put thousands of farmers out of business and give the government more control of our food. You might also want to go here to check out how much money your congressmen received for voting "yes" on the Food Safety Bill. If you live here in Tennessee, you might be interested to know that Sen. Lamar Alexander received $190,041 and Sen. Bob Corker received $298,639 to vote for this bill.
             We have been in the food industry for over 40 years. We have seen what the government has done and is doing to regulate and destroy the American farmer. On this page you will find information that we hope will educate the American people who are not aware of what is happening to our food supply. There is also information on our Food Crisis, Freedom Garden, Country Kitchen, and Ag Page to help those who realize what is happening to our food supply and would like to start growing their own food during the summer months and preserving for use during the winter months.
Educate yourself on what
Monsanto is doing to our
seeds and our food supply.
To listen to Robyn O'Brien's story,
click here.
Window cleaning chemical
injected into fast food
hamburger meat.

Check out this article. You'll be surprised to find out what the FDA is doing to our food.
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