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Making Homemade Toothpaste         

       Commercial toothpaste contains formaldehyde,  detergent, paraffin, chalk, titanium dioxide, and saccharin.  Why would yo want any of these ingredients in your mouth?  Homemade toothpaste is much better than commercial toothpasteFirst, it is more cost effective.  You can make the same amount of  toothpaste in a $5.00 tube of toothpaste for about $1.00 using these ingredients.  Second, if you make your own toothpaste, you will know exactly what is in it. Baking Soda is a neutralizing agent and helps rid the mouth of odors as well as cleaning the teeth and it is much milder than the chemicals in  commercial toothpaste.  When I started using homemade toothpaste, I couldn't believe how much cleaner and whiter my teeth were and how much fresher my mouth felt. 

Step 1

2 cups Baking Soda - cleaning & whitening agent
1/4 cup Hydrogen Peroxide - kills bacteria but it is optional; if you omit it, use 1/2 cup water instead of 1/4 cup
1/4 cup Water
3 Tbsp Food-grade Glycerin - sweetener
10 drops Peppermint Oil - flavor
      You can use any oil you prefer

Step 2

Put the Baking Soda in a bowl and add the glycerine.  Mix well with a fork.  The glycerine doesn't mix well with water, so mix it with the baking soda first.  In a measuring cup, mix the water and Hydrogen Peroxide. Pour the liquid mix into the Baking Soda.  If your teeth and gums are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, you can substitute coconut oil for the water and peroxide. The main difference is that coconut oil makes your sink greasy.

 Step 3

Mix with a fork until well blended.

Step 4

Add the essential oil and mix well.
Put in small individual containers
with a lid.  Toothpaste can be scooped out with a spoon and applied to your toothbrush.  Make sure the lid is placed on the container after each use to keep the toothpaste from drying out.

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