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Living the Simple Life

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              Years ago, people lived a simple lifestyle.  They made a living off the land.  They grew their own vegetables, preserved them, and stored them for the winter.  They raised and killed their own beef cattle and hogs for meat, and they had cows from which they got milk and made their own butter, buttermilk, and cheese.  Lard was made from hog fat, and soap was made from the lard.   Their hens provided eggs for them to eat and trade at the local store for flour and meal.  They heated their homes with a wood or coal-burning stove. Their water came from a well.  This was a self-sufficient, self-sustaining lifestyle.  If people didn't have something they thought they needed, they learned to make-do without it. 

               This lifestyle has gained popularity over the last few years, primarily because of the economic uncertainty.  Because we have seen millions of people lose their jobs and remain out of work for several years, we can no longer be assured that the lifestyle we have become accustomed to will be the lifestyle of our futures.  Many people have returned to a simpler lifestyle because they have had no choice, others because they see it as a healthier way of life, and still others because they can foresee hard times ahead and want to be prepared.  Whatever the reason, we want to share with you some of the things we are doing to live healthier by eliminating exposure to chemicals in the products we use everyday and by growing and preserving our food so that we can eat healthy foods that do not have additives and preservatives that are not good for us.  

               As we discover ways to live more economical and healthier lives, we will share them on this  page.  The right side of this page will contain links to instructions for making products that you use every day. Preserving food that you can store for the winter will help you save money on your grocery bill.  You can visit our Food Preservation page here.

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